Airbnb Listing Hacks: Free eBook (until August the 28th)

Airbnb Listing Hacks – The Complete Guide To Maximizing Your Bookings And Profits

Alex is just releasing his new book on how to improve the listing of your house in AirBnB. Nice read with simple and effective suggestions for increasing the number of bookings. Definitively a nice read and…

It is free till the 28th of October! 

you can get it at the link below:

Airbnb Listing Hacks

Alex offer a nice and comprehensive list of recommendation to follow for improving the quality of your description (i.e. copy) in order to maximize the potentials of your listing.

The book is easy to read and definitively a plus you are looking for AirBnB Listings Hacks that can deliver results

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Alex Wong is the head copywriter for an advertising media agency specializing in custom websites and internet marketing and he learn from some of the top copywriters and internet marketers around. The book( Airbnb Listing Hacks) reflects the fact that he has learned the best methods, tricks, and strategies to persuade customers.


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