AirBnB Host Tips for a successful start

I recently stayed as guest to the house of a new host and these are my AirBnB Host Tips for a successful start in this adventure. Do not get me wrong, the host and the experience was very good, (I give her 5 stars! ) but still there are a few things that can be done.

Here they are my AirBnB Host Tips for a newbie: 



Guests want the flexibility to enter at any time. Welcoming the person is a nice thing but flexibility in the check-in is usually more important. A KeyLocker is usually a great way to offer the possibility to enter 24h/7. If you still want a face to face meeting, you can arrange one for the day after.


Clear listing and instructions:

Guests do not like surprises. Your listing description and your initial exchange messages should be used for clarify any possible misunderstandings. In my case the apartment was in the city center and we where traveling by car and parking has been extremely difficult to find. In a similar situation

AirBnB Host Tips

AirBnB Host Tips for newbie 

you want to clarify the situation since the beginning, giving tips on how to find a parking spot without spending 45 minutes browsing around. You can prepare a template message and send if the guest ask.


Guests like suggestions from locals:

As a host you know a lot about the area. Some guests will visit you for business or have a clear plan, others do not. You may want to suggest a couple of places that you like, where to do some grocery shopping and thinks to visit/do that only a local knows. Maybe you can put them in a couple of pages of a welcome book.


AirBnB is not the only place where to list your property: 

Other websites like, for example, can be a useful source of new guests. Here you can find a welcome bonus in booking for commission free bookings in case you are interested.


Thank your guests and ask for a good review: 

AirBnB follows an American way of grading and practically push for a “5 star of die” approach. You may want to clarify this aspect with your guest and make sure that we all are aligned. See this post for more information about setting up expectations .


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There you have it. My personal list of AirBnB host tips based on the trip that I just had. Let me know if you have any other advice that you thing should be mentioned!