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The True about Travel Agents

The true about Travel Agents as described by “The Checkout”. The Checkout is a popular tv show in Australia that review companies of various industrial sectors exposing the pros and the cons of that particular market trying to protect the interest of the consumers.   Pros of a vacation with Travel Agents: They organize the Read More ... Read More »

The giants of the Travel Industry, Online Travel and Tourism

Online Booking website are playing a critical role in the travel industry and in online travel in general. “The Checkout”, a popular TV show in Australia, outline the situation of the market and gives useful tips to travelers. In each episode the shows reviews companies of various industrial sectors exposing the pros and the cons Read More ... Read More »

Six tips on how to obtain good reviews and quality feedback

Good reviews are fundamental to the service industry and hosting your guest is no different.  Websites like Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO actively ask for reviews by travellers. Through this feedback, your customers can freely express their opinion. Hotels, restaurants and short term rental properties are evaluated for their quality of service thanks to this system. Read More ... Read More »

Use Twitter: Popular hashtag for short term rental and Vacation home

In this article you are going to learn how to use Twitter and hashtag for short term rental properties. If properly used it can increase the visibility of your rental place as Twitter users will notice your tweets and, by following the links that you will share they will see your rental property that you Read More ... Read More »

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