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Listing your property in is definitively a must if you are trying to attract short term tenants. is one of the most recognized brand for booking hotels and houses in Europe. I was so big that the EU commission accused the company of monopoly and forced them to change policies and opening the market.

Unlike AirBnB, is a business based website and guests are the only one allowed to review their staying.  In addition does not provide any payment support for host as they are assuming that only professional will be operating as hosts. Finally, there is a lot of focus on the pictures but not on the text of your advertisements. Booking itself will build the description of your listing. charge approximately 12% in commission for each booking and does not collect personally. Instead the company will present you a monthly invoice and you will wire the money to them.


Some useful information:

  • the commission that charge for the service is from 12% to 15%
  • the commission is invoiced to the host monthly
  • does not act as a payment service and escrow between guests and hosts.
  • does not provide any insurance for the guest
  • does not allow the possibility to share a single room in a house unless you are a B&B.




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Suggested sales price for Listing your property in 115% of what I plan to rent out your property 

This is because:

  • will require a commission of 12%
  • Your payment provider will charge you 3% for collecting the payment

Somethings to keep in mind when deciding the price: allow to establish predefined pricing based on dates/seasons and provides you some insight information about the prices used by your competitors. 

As final note, verifies hosts and guests in several ways and mark recurring guest in order to let you know “the quality” of the guest.


Do you want to List your property in ? What are you waiting for? It is completely free. Here you can find a welcome bonus that allow you to not pay the first 5 commissions.


Free welcome bonus: no commissions for the first 5 Guests!


In summary: listing your property in is definitively a must for any short term rental apartment or house and, base on my experience, you will probably see a third of your bookings coming from .



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Real Estate Property listing for short term rental
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If you are looking for more guests, then listing your property for short term rental in is a must!