Some AirBnB Insight Information

Definitively and story about AirBnB Insight Information: recently in Reddit an AirBnB employ decided to share some information with the rest of the audience. His name rest anonymous but his job description is quite clear, he is working as Case Manager:

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“Case Managers are the people you will speak to regarding any issues on your reservations, we issue decisions, mediate, investigate, review disputes, check in troubles, re-booking, possible waiving of penalties, all that jazz.”

Here I summarize some of the most interesting points that emerged during the conversation:


  • Location score: AirBnB consider it as a feature of the host. So if your location is poor your overall rank may be poorer just because of that. Unfair or not this is the way it is at the moment.
  • Case Managers are practically in charge of handling the various issues that you may erase so answers to a similar problem may be different from case to case just because the person is different.
  • The 1M host guaranteed is a very (very) slow process. Most of the time it well of how file the claim and provide the related information. However the majority of people assume that it goes wrong just because is taking too much time.
  • The order of appearance of your listing is random. The only thing that influence its ranking are superhost and instant booking.
  • Managers can’t bury a case. Everything is recorded and stored in the history of the account including when the account is deleted
  • Reviews are truly double blinds there is not way around that.
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These are the main outcome (in my opinion) of the conversation with him and are truly AirBnB Insight Information. definitively a thumb up for his sharing!

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Finally Reddit store all the Ask me anything sessions that happen to their website so at this link you can see the full conversation.