Optimize your Listing in Booking

Have you ever wondered how you can optimize your listing in booking? So, wonder no more as I share with you top-notch secrets in optimizing the attractiveness of your listing. The Airbnb listing has great potential at the beginning, and this narrows down at the booking point.

This can be achieved by maximizing and optimizing various factors in other to optimize your listing in the booking. Searching on Airbnb works like Google. Whenever a guest searches Airbnb, they are looking out for the best deals a comfortable place to stay.

When the search result shows-up, the guest will look at the top result to find what satisfies their needs. If your Airbnb listing appears at the top, and it is vacant for their dates, they go ahead to book abandoning all other available options.

Optimize your listing in Booking.

This implies that the more your Airbnb listing appears at the top, the more your chances of getting booked, and this translates into more revenue for you. If you are still curious about how to optimize your listing in booking, then try these;

#1. Make your listing unique on relevant Airbnb searches.

Every guest is always in search of high-quality, nice listing that is managed by a super-host who will offer them an unforgettable vacation experience. You need to make your listing unique in other to rank top on the Airbnb search.

To clarify, let the guest know what to expect from your space, have a fantastic description of your space, show them how convenient it is to go around from your space. For example, how near are you to the train station? 5-minutes walk to the mall? Are you 80meters to the bus-stop?

In addition, show them how big your space is and how many guests it can accommodate, the majority of guests want a space that can accommodate several people. Show them the amenities available in your space. In addition, WIFI is advisable, though non-negotiable. Others could include extra bed-sheet, toiletries or food in the fridge.

Your price must be right. Price forms part of any filter. Ensure your price is not too high or too low. Make sure you state your expectations from your guest in the house rules recommendations. Further, your photo is your guest’s first impression of your space. So, feature a high-quality photo on your Airbnb listing.

#2. Be a responsive host.

Airbnb makes money when you make money. So, they want you to be as quickly as possible in your replies to potential booking inquiries. You must target a 100% response rate to be able to stand-out.

Hosts who reply within one (1) hour certainly have better chances of getting their listing displayed at the top of the research. To improve your response rate, you could install the Airbnb App on your Smartphone. This allows you to respond to guest requests wherever you are on earth.

Turning on the Instant booking could also help attract late reservations while improving your response time. Your ability to respond quickly will show your guest that you are not only, attentive, but also a super-host.

#3. Build several awesome reviews.

Airbnb’s goal is for the host to deliver an unforgettable experience to guests, booking, re-booking, and the number of good reviews from past guests can boost your search performance. Therefore, the more positive reviews you get from guests will make Airbnb showcase you as a super-host.

On the other hand, your bad reviews should be used as a learning tool to improve your guest performance. So, do not get discouraged when you get bad reviews. Note that good reviews come when you exceed guest expectations, in other words, a ‘wow’ experience.

In summary, ranking in Airbnb is made to reward the host who gives guest a scintillating vacation experience. Therefore, happy guest translates into a higher ranking.

#4. Get the pricing right.

Competitive pricing is advisable. Research how much other Airbnb listings are charging in your area. Pricing is not a factor when searching for prospective guests, but guests won’t be interested in booking your space if it is priced too high.

This harm your ranking. Further, if your price is too low, your booking will be high which will translate into a loss of revenue as a host. Certainly, competitive price will help build a successful listing and a good ranking portfolio.

#5. Regularly update your Airbnb calendar.

A regular update of your calendar is needed for a successful listing. Consequently, Airbnb takes note of your daily visit to your calendar, and this boosts your ranking. Airbnb is on the look-out for busy hosts.

#6. Get verified and also build trust.

The target of Airbnb is to create a trustworthy community of hosts. So, ensure you add your phone number and get your ID-verified.

How to go about this: visit your account under the ‘profile menu; select the ‘Trust and verification sub menu, and finally, get all the steps completed and get verified.

Ensure to confirm your email and phone number. Further, connect your profile to social media networks; this will let Airbnb know you are trustworthy. New Airbnb hosts can ask friends to recommend them under the ‘Profile’ and then ‘References’ submenu.


Airbnb is built on integrity and trust. Meanwhile, you can request from personal networks that will appear publicly on your Airbnb profile. Therefore, making other members know you.

Finally, the target of any host is to remain in business. So, optimize your listing in booking today and get rewarded in the long-run.