AirBnB Welcome e-mail Templates!

Welcome e-mail templates are tools needed by the hosts in responding to guests. Attending to a guest could be time-consuming, especially in the vacation home rental space.

 We feel irritated and feel bogged down answering the same questions from guests over and over again, and yet we want them to have the experience of home away from home.

Effective e-mail template means keeping your guest in the loop. This will help discourage the situation where a guest looks up to the host for answers to common questions. It could be frustrating, irritating, and time-consuming.

AirBnB Welcome e-mail Templates! woman browsing on her laptop
AirBnB Welcome e-mail Templates!

Eliminating all queries cannot be achieved but can be reduced to the barest minimum. So, your success in the Airbnb is attached to a superb communication channel with the guest.

Therefore, giving attention to the guest by way of welcome e-mail templates, and making them happy could land you that 4 or 5-star review.

Further, welcome e-mail templates will help you achieve the following;

  1. Help you feed the guest with relevant information at the right time
  2. It will save you time by answering guest queries before their arrival.
  3. Assist you to set specific information targeted to each booking, and guests.

The following are some of the welcome e-mail templates that could be used.

Thanks for booking templates.

This is sent immediately the booking is confirmed. It makes the guest have the impression of your pro-activeness and a caring host.

This is important as it is the first communication between the host and the guest. It should be kept short and catchy.

Example of ‘thanks for booking template’

Hello (guest name)

Thanks for choosing our apartment.

We look forward to hosting you on your vacation in (town name)

We shall be sending you details on how to check-in in a few days to your arrival, it will include WIFI details, etc. please do not hesitate to ask questions if you have any?

Host (name)

Reminder message template.

This is optional but highly recommended. It reminds the guest of check-in time and date. It should be sent 3days before check-in. You might also want to share your address at this point, though it is already available on Airbnb.

Example of ‘reminder message template’

Hello (guest name)

We look forward to having you in a few days.

You can check-in from (check-in time) on (check-in date)

Your check-in instructions shall be sent tomorrow.

Let me know if you have further question


Host (name)

Check-in message template.

Start by giving information on how to get into your property. Share your WIFI details, heating instructions, etc.

You can also remind them of your house rules recommendations and also the time of arrival. This should be sent 24hours to check-in.

Example of ‘check-in message template’

Hello (guest name)

We look forward to having you tomorrow.

You can check-in after (check-in time) tomorrow. The location is (your address)

Check-in details

You will find a lockbox to the left-hand side of the entrance.

The code is —–

Follow the instruction on the icon.

Door number —- on the first floor.

Use the key to get in. 

Other details;

WIFI network:

WIFI password:


Help yourself in the kitchen. There are cooking utensils, coffee, and tea. I’d request you wash all the dishes and utensils before your departure.


We appreciate it if you could keep the noise down from 9 pm, as we are surrounded by neighbors.


We have made available laundry, and drying machines. Also provided is washing powder on top of the cupboard.


The apartment has got an air conditioner and heater in the living room. Switch off all appliances before check-out

Make yourself comfortable and feel at home

Host (name)

First day of stay message template.

Do not bother your guests during their stay, but I discovered sending a check-up message has a tremendous success rate. You can send this message around 10 am on the first day after arrival

Example of ‘first day of stay message template’

Hello (guests name)

I wanted to be sure your first night in our apartment suit your expectations

Is there anything I can do to make your stay memorable?


Host (name)

Before check-out message template

This is usually done 16hours before check-out. This is done to remind guest check-out time and further instructions.

Example of ‘before check-out message template’

Hello (guest name)

Thank you for being with us. We hope you had a fabulous time while in (city name)

I would appreciate it if you could spare 2minutes to leave us a review, and we would leave one in return.

We quite value a 5-star rating, and this helps our family business.

On the other hand, if you’ve got any issue while in our apartment, let us know before leaving your review as your feedback is valuable to us.

Thank you and safe trip.

Name (host)

After check-out message template

This is to offer farewell greetings. It is usually sent 24hours after check-out. You can ask the guest for a positive review at this point, this is not loved by some.

Example of ‘after check-out message template’

Hello (guest name)

We appreciate your stay; you left our place tidy and nice.

We hope you had a fabulous time, and I also look forward to having you around soonest.


Host (name)

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The above are samples of welcome e-mail templates, and I hope you’d find them useful in your Airbnb experience. Therefore, Remember communication is key. So, the use of these templates summarizes your expectations on the guest.