What are your top tips for making your guests happy?

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A Happy Guest.

Do you want your passive income to continue to flow in? if your answer is yes, then you might just need to give attention to these tips for making your guests happy. In addition, creating an unforgettable experience from start to finish of your guests stay should be your goal.

Most of the reservations are based on repeat visitors. On the other hand, a not too good review that is posted on the Airbnb platform can discourage potential new customers from coming over to your Airbnb listing.

These tips for making your guest happy, could help you eliminate bad reviews, and therefore, make you remain in business.

First Impression Count

Every guest has an expectation concerning your AirBnB listing; therefore, demands and expectations must be met. It is only when they get a ‘WOW’ experience they can ever think of coming back. That is to say, chances are that your guests will keep a happy attitude throughout their stay if they arrive at your home invigorated and stress-free.

So, if you want your guests to come back and even make recommendations to other guests, keep in mind these top tips for making your guests happy.

Give enough pre-arrival information.

Immediately after a reservation is confirmed, guests will look forward to having enough details of their stay long enough before they arrive. This will create a sense of connection between the guests and the property. For example, check-in information, arrival details, etc.

Make their entry seamless, in other words going key-less

Avoid having your guests coincide with when you are around in the property with keys in your hand. Let them come into the property and have access to it in seconds. On the other hand, it is important to still check around much later to give warm welcome.

You can fix a keypad door-knob, with these you don’t need to be around when your guests’ check-in. You just send them the code, and they can unlock the door-knob to their Airbnb apartment. This code can be changed from guest-to-guest. Consequently, this will also serve as a security measure.

Attach labels when necessary in Airbnb and in the property.

Every house has got its unique features. This means your guests might not understand these operations right away. For instance, in one of our listings, one tap knob needs to be kept shut for water to flow into the kitchen Zink, it is somehow complicated. So, we placed a note above that tap knob telling our guests to keep it shut.

Make a manual/guide book and leave it within the property.

This should come handy. It will save the guests from having to call or message host to ask questions. This handy book therefore, can contain information such as;

  • How to find toiletries, cooking stuff, etc.
  • Host’s contact information
  • AC’s, electronics or heating manuals
  • Relaxation centers around, groceries stores, and restaurants.

Share a meal, a drink, or even a story

This is done when your guests have booked a private or shared room within your home. Some guests crave for privacy while others would enjoy your company. This will usually depend on your type of guest. So, watch out and study your guest.

Let your guests get some space

Except on request, guests should be allowed to do their thing. Some guests are shy or introverts, let them get some space. Therefore, allow them to explore and discover things themselves as they enjoy their vacation.

Importantly, keep your space thoroughly clean, clean, and clean.

Make sure space is kept ready for your next guest. You need to pay close attention to the kitchen, toilets, and bathroom. Even if you have a cleaning expert to clean it, you still need to do a final assessment of your space before letting in the next guest.

Protect your mattress with noiseless linen.

This linen should be water-proof. It prevents the mattress before a guest spills red wine or any other type of mess. This means you would not need to buy a new mattress; you just remove and wash the sheet because several people may sleep on the same bed all through the year.

Get back to your guests at least 48hours before arrival.

Some guest might have reservations staying in a stranger’s home especially when using Airbnb listing for first time. Send them a warm message 48hours before arrival. For instance, a safe trip, we anticipate hosting you. Further, you can also ask of their expected time of arrival.

Once you get a booking notification, send a short thank-you note and let them be aware you will keep them posted on further instructions 7-10 days before they arrive

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Conclusions on making your guests happy

These tips for making your guests happy will surely create an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime. Have it in mind that the guest is the king here and must be treated as such. You create the ‘WOW’ experience before, during, and after your guest exits your space.

Try these tips, and certainly, you will thank me later.