No bookings / No inquires. Getting panic!

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No Bookings / No Inquiry. Getting panic!

Every business has got its high and low moments. Just like every other type of business, the Airbnb also has got its high and low moments especially when there are no bookings or inquiries. 

One moment, your Airbnb listing is up and running with multiple bookings and inquiries and you are smiling to the bank. But the other moment, you have no bookings and your whole apartment is vacant.

Getting panic? Why are bookings and inquiries not coming? So, never fear, it could be as a result of few things not done rightly.

This article will focus on common mistakes that hosts make.  It is therefore imperative to keep your Airbnb listing booked all year round for a bumper financial breakthrough

Know Your Airbnb Listing Seasons.

There are three (3) seasons to be aware of in the vacation rental business.

  1. The peak season
  2. The shoulder season
  3. The slow season.

The Peak Season. This is the season when you can’t meet up with all the inquiries, the bookings, and the entire guest at the same time.

Here, you are extremely busy and at the same time smiling to the bank. Most times, you engage the services of an assistant like your cousin or brother having to come and render some assistance.

The Shoulder Season. This is the season between the high and the low season. Here, you do not worry about guests checking-in or out.

You are getting booked but not like getting a month booked in advance. You do not need any form of assistance because you can handle the tasks.

Interestingly, you still end up breaking even under this season.

The Slow Season. You inevitably experience this season. It is a harsh season. At this season, things might get worse. You end up asking yourself how you will pay for mortgage/rent etc. note that this season does not last forever.

For example in New York, the peak season is between April-October. November-December is usually the shoulder season where guests book for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

On the other hand, the period between January-March is the slow season. The cold and dreary winter sets in. So, this season could be harsh.

Let us consider some tried and tested methods of ensuring you remain on top of the rankings and bookings thereby bringing an end to the no booking season.

Adjust your minimum night stay

Several guests will like to stay for 1-2 nights on Airbnb. if you are new or finding it difficult to get bookings, reduce your trip length minimum to 1-2 nights. This will bring more bookings as your listing will always show.

So, more booking will mean more money. Note also that cleaning fee will be paid each night instead of once in 3days.

Check out your price.

Having your price too high is a likely reason you are not having bookings on your Airbnb rental. There is a lot of competition on Airbnb, so, having your vacation over-priced will send guests away.

On the other hand, your bookings can also be affected if your price is set way too low.

For example, a beautiful Airbnb vacation home advertised for $50. You would be thinking it’s too good to be real; Airbnb must be close to a train station or in a bad area.

Find out what top hosts in your area are earning. So, just having your price right will make you remain relevant and guarantee you a top spot on the rankings

Alter your listing once in every 3-4week

This is a great trick to bring you from the bottom of the rankings back to the top. So, there is something about your listing that needs to be changed. Alter the price maybe by $1 and then back again. Change a photo, rewrite your description, block and unblock a day on your calendar, etc.

Surprisingly, these alterations can get you back in the rankings, and certainly, receiving numerous bookings again. This will bring your listing out of being obscure to the limelight.

Try other platforms

Having done all that is needed, and yet you are still nowhere close to where you want to be; my advice is to try other platforms.

Spreading your tentacles to other platforms will mean more exposure and more bookings. I have people who do business on Airbnb, and VRBO/HomeAway.

VRBO/HomeAway and also own a lot of market share, and there has been a tremendous upgrade on the platform. For example, having a user-friendly mobile app. Therefore, it is a good idea if you try other platforms to boost your listings and enjoy financial independence.

In the case you are interested in exploring this possibility here you can find:

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Other areas to give attention might include; becoming flexible on some of your house rules recommendations, having to use a captivating photo and title to win guest’s attention.

Further, having references (not reviews) is not a bad idea; turning on the instant book option is another way to boost your listing.

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In conclusion, your No Bookings season has got to cease, and your vacation home rental business has got to flourish. See you at the top of the rankings. Is just matter of time. This period will pass if you follow these advises.