House Rules Recommendations?

Any society not guided by rules and principles will soon find itself in a state of anarchy. In the same vein, any Airbnb listing without the house rules recommendations is bound to be chaotic .


House rules recommendations are set of guidelines outlined for your guest before coming into your home. This is what is expected of them before, during, and after they exit. If they break a rule, they are liable to a fine and also face the risk of eviction for a more grievous offense.

This house rules recommendations is one of the most critical aspects of your Airbnb listing. So, each time your guest books your space, they enter into an agreement with you through the rules you have set, and this makes them binding.

House Rules Recommendations

There must be no form of ambiguity in the rules, meaning the house rules recommendations must be something that one can easily understand.

Further, house rules recommendations are used for dispute resolutions, the Airbnb resolution centers refer to them to see if there is a link between the dispute and the rule

Rules should be specific, fines and legal items clearly stated. House rules recommendations must be in a positively and politely manner wherever possible.

Guests will review this before booking to know if it’s something they can put up with or not. In case of any damage, have a plan on how to fix it; will you remove it from the deposit, if it’s a one-off, let it go or will you ask the guest for payment.

Do not use a bad guest experience to rewrite your rule book as it is inevitable that you get one occasionally. Therefore, watch out for guests that treat your home nicely and go the extra mile for them, as they are your priceless asset.

Your house rules recommendations is work-in-progress.

A quick look at some of this house rules recommendations.

1.Unregistered guests are not welcome.

No provisions for unregistered guest not registered under the insurance plan. So, provision is ONLY for the registered guest. Some guests might want to prove smart by trying to avoid paying the extra guest fee.

If this rule is violated, there is an instant eviction of guests (visitor inclusive) from the Airbnb without a refund. For example, $25 per guest fine could charged.

2.Eating or drinking in the bedroom won’t be allowed.

This is to prevent stains on bedding; these stains could pose a huge challenge. It sometimes requires soaking, bleaching, and stain removal to remove the stains. This rule will save you time, energy, and money. Attached fines if food or drink stain appears.

3.No Events and party.

Making this house rules will help curtail guests engaging in loud parties which might turn into a night club environment, this oftentimes disturbs other neighbors which will eventually lead to troubles.

A Host can monitor the noise level by the aid of a device manufactured by noise aware. This device will help you monitor the happening in your Airbnb. Once you discover that the guest is having parties, you can shut it down before it gets out of hand.

4.Loss of a key attracts a fee.

It can be an unpalatable experience for the host when your guest loses their keys. This will still fall back to the host as they will get across to you for a spare key, now you have to drop whatever you are doing and come with a spare.

I will advise you attach a fee making them know that any key lost will attract a fee. For example, the cost to replace any lost or damaged key attracts a fee of $25.

Do not include the address of the Airbnb listing on the key ring. When the key gets missing, the whole set will need to be changed.

5.No pets within the Airbnb space.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of not allowing pets. So, here are some examples;

Advantages include;

  • Several people travel with their pets
  • Since a lot of people don’t accept pets, it leaves you open for booking opportunities


  • Guests that are allergic to pets won’t book your space.
  • Dogs may back at night which neighbors might find irritating.

6.Do not rearrange the furniture.

Avoid dragging of tables and chairs on a hardwood floor leaves scratches on the hardwood flooring. This leads to additional expenses for the host in fixing this.

7.No shoes on when inside the house.

8.Check-in and check-out time clearly stated.

9.Turn off AC’s, light and heating devices after use.

10.No smoking inside the Airbnb space.

11.Clean and drain all dishes before departure.

12.Damages made to property or furnishings which exceed guest deposit will be charged to the guest and reported to Airbnb.

13.If a guest breaks any of the rules that bring about a refund to the next guest, therefore, the guest will take full responsibility for the loss of income by the host.

In summary

House rule recommendation must be flexible and not rigid. Make your rules today and have a stress-free Airbnb hosting. Ready with your rules? Whenever a guest breaks a rule, certainly, the host can claim damages or even evict guest (in extreme cases).

Try it today and thank me later.