Guest that needs a bad review

Reviews are an important aspect of the Airbnb community. Further, the guest that needs a bad review is apt in other to keep the host abreast of the state of the guest.

woman standing on window during daytime. Guest that needs a bad review
Guest that needs a bad review

It brings host and guest on a platform whereby both give honest information about whether host or guest is a good party.

It also makes one make an informed decision about whether the guest is a fit or not. This decision brings about a better experience which in the long run beneficial to host and guest. Host reviews most times are what the guest may not like to hear.

The host at times might be uncomfortable especially in situations when there have been a lot of communications between both parties and the issues were minor.

The Guest that needs a bad review must have had a not too good experience with the host during their stay in the vacation home rental.

The Airbnb Review System

It is quite an important one to understand how the Airbnb review system works. There is a 14 days time window available to both host and guest to leave a review. The time starts immediately Airbnb sends out the notification to leave the review.

The review from both guest and host remain invisible until;

  1. The host and guest have left a review.
  2. The 14 days review period has elapsed.

The Airbnb platform also gives a 48hours window to edit reviews, unless the review becomes seen before this option elapsed. In addition, you need to know that there is no possibility of retaliation from either party.

This is because neither host nor guest can see the other party’s review until the period is over or the other party has left a review, host please be aware of this.

This, therefore, brings us to the conclusion that leaving a bad review on Airbnb will not hurt your business in a significant way. It therefore, means that you must always leave an honest review.

As a host, you must be ready to give a detailed review, the good, bad, and the ugly. This will in the long run helpful to future hosts, and also to the guest.

For instance, instead of writing ‘the guest was noisy’ it is better to write “on a particular night, the guest played music in his room until 2 am”.

Though the guest made the bed and disposed of the trash, I was not happy to see blood stains on the mattress. It was difficult getting it out.

The guest might not have been the best fit for my vacation home rental but I sincerely wish him good luck in the future.

Writing an honest review is non-negotiable

Do not only focus on the negative feedback. Let the review begin with what you like about the experience. You could start by saying your guests were friendly and easy-going people, and that you had a nice time with them.

However, they left the room dirty and that you would have loved if they cleaned up before checking out.

Does leaving a bad review for your guest hurt your business?

Oftentimes, hosts usually have a feeling that whenever they write a negative Airbnb review, the guest might not show up again or neither recommends your Airbnb space to others.

This is only the case when the negative review you have is a minor type. On the other hand, it could be stated that you don’t want them for a repeat visit and also do not wish to host their friends.

From my experience, guests won’t mind coming back as a result of some minor negative feedback especially when they enjoyed their stay with you. So, leaving some negative reviews about your guest will not hurt your Airbnb business in any noticeable way.

An honest review does not necessarily translate into a bad review. So, look out for the good point in your guest. It is the behavior that needed to be corrected.

Therefore, a host must write a sincere and honest review as doing the contrary will translate into a serious disservice by writing anyhow review, and does not reflect the behavior of guests in any way.

More example of guest that needs a bad review!

In writing your reviews, make sure to make it professional and courteous.

As narrated by a host: I hosted a young lady when I was new to the Airbnb business. She was in her twenties and a first time user of Airbnb. I gave her a bad review for cleanliness.

We both discussed privately the fact that her boyfriend showed up with her without mentioning that they will be together. My listing clearly says for I guest only. I woke up and they both surfaced from her room.

Initially, I assumed she picked him at a bar, but she later introduced him as a friend. I charged her additional $6/day since they both shared the single bed, towel. Etc. I made her know that showing up with an additional guest is not welcomed at all.

So, i informed her it won’t be mentioned in her review and that she should not try it again. The bad review on cleanliness came about as a result of the state they left the room, though, no damages.

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In summary, keep your reviews short, honest, and balanced. Do not write your reviews when tensed. Try to calm down before writing the reviews. In addition, ensure that all the facts are stated and should as well be devoid of a personality conflict.