How to tweet about your property in an effective way

How to tweet about your property in a way that actually deliver traffic? This is a practical follow up my old article about the twitter hashtags in short term rental. Your listing is nothing more (and nothing less) then an appealing web page where you are promoting your property. AirBnB or Booking are taking care of finding motivated short term renters for you and that is why they well earn a commission for that.

How to tweet about your property in an effective way

How to tweet about your property in an effective way

However you can help them doing their job by generating some attention around your property. This will result in more visualizations if compared with your competitors and possibly in more bookings.

There are several ways to do that and this article is just the tip of the iceberg regarding tweeter. If you see some potential you will find at the end a couple of links for knowing more.

So, how to tweet about your property? Here you can find a small set of best practices and a step by step guide:

  • Step 1: Find a set of influencers in the short term rental community.  Influencers are people that are known and respected in short term rental. Maybe they have a blog, maybe a podcast maybe a YouTube channel etc. You can be certain that they have a twitter account too. Here is my Tweeter account, you are very welcome to engage with me if you like the idea.
  • Step 2: Engage actively with them. Help them promoting their new articles and inform them about your property and what you are doing to make it special.
  • Step 3: Tweet once a week minimum and if possible everyday.  Try to say something informative and/or interesting from a personal point of view. Use the most common hashtags and pointed in my previous article.  Remember to post an image about your place from time to time.
  • Step 4: A Tweet is better than no tweet. A non sense tweet is worst than a Tweet. In other words tweet something relevant for your audience and do not be afraid to re-tweet something that you already did as long as is something that your audience engage with.

The overall receipt is very simple. However, the devils is in the details and if you want to know more here you can find a couple or article that I suggest you to read:

This should give you a kick start in twitter and generate some small but tangible results!

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