Setting up Expectations: educate your guests about reviewing their staying

Setting up expectations is important if you want to avoid bad reviews. this is what I am currently doing considering the fact that I can’t welcome them in person as most of the time I am not in the city. Consequently, I send to every guest a house manual via email prior their arrival in order to:

  • Have detailed instructions for reaching the place
  • Been able to collect the keys
  • Get some useful tips from a local
  • Know “how to handle the secret of the house” like turn on the eating and so on

I profit of this manual also to send them a welcome letter (that is a dedicated section of the manual)  where I set the expectations. This is what it contains:


Our philosophy

Setting up Expectations: how to communicate with your guests in order to have better review

Setting up Expectations for your guest

You want to have a wonderful holiday and we want that for you too.  We believe that when you are here this is your home for however long you are staying and we hope that you will be relaxed, comfortable and happy. Please remember that we are not professionals but just homeowners that like to share our place with fellow like minded people. If you have any problem do not hesitate to contact us. Communication is the keyword and if something is not as you expected don’t wait to go back home and write a bad review! We are very reactive to improve the service and very concern that our guests feel good, so please be straight and direct with us. Unfortunately, we can’t please everyone (some “maniacs” think they will get a “bridal suite” with a 24h room-service because they paid 100€ per night… true story 😉 … But about 95% of our guests leave happy and make us happy 🙂

Having said that, you have all the comfort you need to spend a wonderful time in this amazing city (heater, hot water, cooking, linen, good beds, fast wifi). And remember that this apartment is VERY economical compare to most of other flats in the center of Lugano. We like to travel cheap!


Your review and opinion matter

We love and respect your opinion and your feedback is welcome at any time! Several websites ask you to leave a review about your staying and we will be pleased if you will do that when you will be back home!

In doing so please remember that these websites follow an American approach to their evaluation criteria. In other words if they ask you to give a grade between 1 to 5 stars or 1 to 10 points. Please be aware that any grade below 5 stars or 9.0 is considered as if you had some problems in your stay. Having said that, we encourage you to be as fair and honest as possible. If your stay was pleasant, please grade your experience accordingly and in the comments tells your opinion in order to help future guest to set up the proper expectations.

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There you have it: this is my secret for Setting up Expectations. If you enjoined this reading you may also like my six tips for obtaining good reviews .

What about yours? Do you believe that setting up expectations is important? How do you do that?