How much does AirBnB take and Give to Local Communities

How much does AirBnB take and Give to Local Communities ? Whiteout doubt tourism has grown to become one of the largest industries on Earth, more than 10 percent of the world’s gross domestic product. Tourism is the ultimate double-edged sword. If done well, it can do a lot of good. It can boost economies and provide jobs; it can educate both locals and visitors; it can promote international understanding; it can motivate conservation and preservation; and it can be a lot of fun.

Travel demand is only growing larger. According to a 2017 Brookings Institution report, spending by the fast-growing Chinese and Indian middle classes will be about five times that of their North American counterparts by 2030, and much of it will be spent on travel.

What causes such colossal growth? Three powerful trends have contributed to it. Growth in population, growth in global affluence, and growth in technology, from cheaper transportation in jet airliners and mega–cruise ships, to the Internet.

The relative authenticity and sustainability of well-handled home sharing can contribute to creating resilient destinations that retain their distinctive characters over the long term.

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How much does AirBnB take? Short Answer: 13 Cents on a dollar.

However, after the Airbnb host nets the 87 cents, what happens next? Six cents reimburse cleaning fees. Hosts then spend an average of 35 cents covering their household expenses and rent or mortgage payments.
Survey evidence shows that this income supplement is significant. Over half of all surveyed Airbnb hosts state that their income supplement helped them afford to stay in their homes.

How AirBnB Hosts Spend their earning

How much does AirBnB take and Give to Local Communities? Average dollar Spend by Hosts

Hosts spend 13 cents of each traveler dollar on home improvement and renovation. This statistic implies 13 Cleaning fee and Airbnb host and guest fee shares are guest spending weighted averages over all completed reservations with a check-in date in the 2017 calendar year.
Airbnb travel actually can improve the physical housing stock of neighborhoods as hosts reinvest traveler dollars back into their homes. Hosts invest their Airbnb earnings in other key ways, as well. Hosts keep 5 cents on each dollar for their personal savings. Two cents flow to education investments, 1 cent pays for health care, and a little over 1 cent on average is used to support hosts starting new businesses. The remaining 21 cents are spent on other goods and vacations that enable hosts themselves to travel.

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Note also that AirBnB take part of its 13 cents from the host and the guest, in this article you can find all the details and a few suggestions for deciding your minimum price  when listing your property in AirBnB