What is a Hotel Suite?

What is a Suite? Is that different of a fully furnished and serviced apartment?

What is a Hotel Suite? Is that different than a fully furnished and serviced apartment?

What is a hotel suite? Is a suite that different then a dedicated rental apartment?  You may increasingly see that many hotel offer the option of choosing between a normal room or suite.

Normally we consider a suite to be better than a traditional hotel room. Usually there is a separate bedroom and lounge area or living room.  Traditional hotel room on the other hand, usually have a lounge/seating area located in the bedroom itself.

Here’s a closer look at what sets a hotel suite apart and what you will most likely be paying that extra money for.

So, What is a Hotel Suite?

Normally there is not a clear definition of Suite and each hotels use different labels to refer to the various types of accommodations that they offer. In general, a single room will include a king or two queen or full sized beds, whereas a suite usually means that the room is extra big or that there are actually a series of connected rooms.

Business Suite or Fully furnished and serviced apartment?

Business Suite or Fully furnished serviced apartment?

Standard rooms usually have:

  • the indicated number and size of beds
  • a television
  • writing desk
  • reading chair
  • dresser
  • closet
  • a private bathroom

However, there are actually a wide range of configurations that are considered suites these days, offering a host of different amenities. Here are the most common:

  • Hotel Suite with Separate Bedroom:  there are at minimum two rooms (sometimes more) that are clearly defined, meaning you can close the door between them. Usually this is a bedroom and a living room area, but in some suites there is a second bedroom and sometimes a kitchen area as well. Usually, the living room area contains a sofa that can be converted into a bed.
  • Hotel Suite with Expanded Living Room Area: or junior suite, this type of suite is typically a larger room that features a separate seating area, often with a pull-out sofa that enables more guests to be accommodated. In some cases, there will be a small divider between the part of the room where the beds are and the seating area. This type of suite almost always is only a big single room.
  • Hotel Suite with Full Kitchen: A full kitchen will usually feature a refrigerator, freezer, stove, sink, an oven, and sometimes a dishwasher. Probably it will be stocked with dishes, utensils, and cookware as well.
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In short we can say that a suite is an apartment within the hotel, where I can profit of the hotel services and still have the same privacy of a separated house.

Here you can have a few example of hotels that offer a suite in Lugano:

Still I am wondering if a fully furnished apartment with 24h/7 support can offer the same comfort and pleasure at a lower cost. Here there is an example:





What is a Hotel Suite?
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