Find a Landlord or a Guest for One or Two Consecutive Months

Have you ever had a guest for one or two consecutive months ? A short term rental is perfect when you have to relocate in a different city. I have done this experience several times and my personal recommendation is (i) to find a place for few months, (ii) arrive in the new city and then (iii) search there where to stay long term.  Websites like AirBnB or VRBO could help you in this but if you rent for a few months you end up paying a big commission to the website itself.

Short term rental for 1-3 months

Find a Landlord or a Guest for One or Two Consecutive Months with HomeSuite

In these cases a direct contact with an agent is probably the best way to move forward. They are familiar with the problems that you are going to encounter and they usually support the relocation of large corporations so they have a large stock of good quality tenants and fully furnished houses.

I recently got in touch with HomeSuite, a short term rental agency that offers users the opportunity to book houses, apartments and condos for extended periods of time while traveling for leisure or business. If you are visiting family, traveling for work, remodeling your home, or just making a transition to a new city, HomeSuite provides a high quality, ultra convenient solution to your housing needs.

The target customer of HomeSuite is a 2-3 months tenant that is usually a larger period then your average guests. Nevertheless these tenant desire a fully furnished and ready to go accommodation exactly like your guests in AirBnB.  We can say that HomeSuite that removes the guesswork and hassle from finding short-term furnished housing and they also take care of all the paperwork for you offering to tenants short-term, long-term, and month to month leases.

Note: HomeSuite operate in all US but the majority of the listing are in the following cities:


and the majority of the listing are both apartments and houses that are mainly used for corporate and vacation residences

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In Summary:

  • They are a local agency so they personally review all the application offering  no scams, duplicate listings, or shady landlords.
  • Their specialists interview every tenant before bringing them to the landlord and the booking they complete a comprehensive background and credit check.
  • They have never had an incident with their tenants paying the rent and for eligible rentals they personally guarantee a tenant’s rent payments up to $50,000.
  • They have never had an incident with their tenants damaging a property and for eligible rentals they will personally cover any damage to property beyond the security deposit up to $10,000.
  • HomeSuite takes also care of the leasing paperwork and billing process for you! They can also customize the lease if you want special terms added, and, if you live near your rental house you can sign the lease directly with the tenant.
  • Finally they handle billing and invoicing, making sure you get paid on time.


Final notes:

  • Do you want a guest for one or two consecutive months?  HomeSuite is 100% free to you with no obligation, so why you do not give it a try?
  • Are you relocating? This is a 50 USD discount bonus  just mention the code “Peerfly”


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Find a Landlord or a Guest for One or Two Consecutive Months . Both hosts and tenants are personally reviewed and screened in order to minimize problems. Note that the company operate in: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Palo Alto, Santa Monica, Hollywood, West Village, Washington DC, Chicago, Seattle